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ISRTP provides an open public forum for policy makers and scientists
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Meetings & Announcements

October 13-14, 2014

International Society of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology (ISRTP)
A Workshop on GRAS Determinations
ASEA Conference Center
1575 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(McPherson Square Metro)

Click Here for Agenda and Registration

Society of Toxicology Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program

Scholar Application Deadline: June 15, 2014
Host Application Deadline: September 16, 2014

The 2015 Society of Toxicology Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program will fund two Scholar toxicologists to attend the SOT Annual Meeting and about four weeks with one or more Hosts from established toxicology programs in academic, government, or industry organization(s) worldwide. After selection of the Scholar, applications from Hosts with similar interests will be solicited.


The Host will in turn visit the Senior Scholar’s institution. The primary goal is to increase toxicology capacity in developing countries by providing professional opportunities for mid-career to senior scientists through relationships supported by SOT. The Scholars are expected to build on this opportunity by strengthening toxicology within their universities and countries. The program provides up to $15,000 for each pair, with up to $10,000 travel support for the Senior Scholar and $5,000 for the Host. Support is not provided for equipment, laboratory supplies, or renovations.  For more information review the website or contact 

 The 29th Annual Meeting of the
British Society of Toxicological Pathology (BSTP)

Module 2 - Carcinogenesis
Wednesday 10th - Friday 12th December 2014
Cambridge, UK
Email:  BSTP Secretariat for further information or visit the website
Module 3 - Liver
Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th March 2015 (date to be confirmed)
Cambridge, UK
Email:  BSTP Secretariat for further information or visit the website
Joint ESTP/BSTP Meeting
22nd - 25th September 2015 (date to be confirmed)
University of Surrey, UK
Email:  BSTP Secretariat for further information or visit the website
Module 4 - Respiratory System
Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th December 2015 (date to be confirmed)
Cambridge, UK
Email:  BSTP Secretariat for further information or visit the website

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ISRTP is an educational organization dedicated to providing a forum for viewpoints on scientific, regulatory and related issues. The ISRTP website offers a method for rapid and efficient communication with both the public and the membership at large.

As a service to the membership, ISRTP has permitted links to the organization�s website, but these links have been limited to three general categories: (1) member and sponsor businesses, (2) other NPOs and, (3) proposed events. Although linkage is approved by the Council, ISRTP offers no warranties as to the performance or representations of the sites. Further, all links are approved and continue to exist at the pleasure of ISRTP, on a case-by-case basis.

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Past ISRTP Programs

View program & slides for:

2010 Endocrine Workshop: EDSP Compliance
December 13, 2010
Lister-Hill Auditorium, NIH
Bethesda, MD


The Alliance for Risk Assessment

A Collaborative Approach for Solving Public Health Risk Assessment Issues

To continue the discussion set forth by Science and Decisions: Advancement of Risk Assessment (NAS, 2008), and conducted under the aegis of the Alliance for Risk Assessment (ARA), a series of three meetings is envisioned over the course of a year. The ultimate goal is consensus among participants on guidance highlighting key considerations for applying a variety of dose-response techniques to different risk assessment settings, as characterized in early problem formulation or issue identification. The workshops will be led by an Expert Panel, and will focus on purpose-specific dose-response assessment, which integrates relevant available data and is illustrated by case studies. The Expert Panel will facilitate the brainstorming and selection of case studies during the first workshop, lead evaluation of the case studies during the second, and build consensus on purpose-specific dose-response assessment methods during the third.


View program & slides for:

The Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program:
What Can Screening Results Tell Us About Potential Adverse Endocrine Effects?

September 9-10, 2009
National Institutes of Health
Lister Hill Auditorium
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD


View program & slides for:

ISRTP Workshop:
Conducting and Assessing the Results of Endocrine Screening
February 19 & 20, 2008
Lister Hill Center Auditorium
(NIH Building 38A)
Bethesda, MD



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